This institution is proud of its long history in the field of toy Manufacturing, which benefits from the latest technologies in the design and production of its products, our slogan is based on the production of beneficial and harmless toys in accordance with global standards and for long-term use.  The managers of this institution always use constructive feedbacks and useful suggestions, do not hesitate to send your good comments to our email address.

 Quality Policy:
 We announce our quality policy in the field of model toy manufacturing as mentioned below:
  • Increasing the level of skills, knowledge and motivation of human resources as our most valuable resource through continuous training in a suitable work environment.

  • Clients are our point of concentration for the growth and improvement of the company, so we prioritize our clients satisfaction.

  • We believe in ever enhancing quality, so its continuous improvement is one of our main goals.

  • Innovation, product diversity and the use of up-to-date knowledge is our grand strategy.

  • We strongly believe that the children all around the world always deserve the best. Achieving our goals is only attainable through deep collaboration with our colleagues in a friendly and rewarding, well organized work environment. For this purpose, the En71 standard has been chosen as the basis of our quality system.